Choosing a garage door opener is harder now, as the market is flooded with different models. However, it’s important to choose right, as the lifespan of your door, your safety and comfort depend on your purchase.

Tips to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener for You

  • Consider the type of your garage door.
    Some doors work better with specific models. If you have especially heavy doors (insulation, one-piece, weather-proof), chain-drive is better. Steel doors or single-car garages will be better off with screw-drive. 1/2-HP motors work with practically any door, except one-piece. However, 3/4-HP motors exist for one-piece models.
  • Think about cutting off the noise.
    While you might think that noise is not such a big problem, it becomes one if you have a bigger family with 2 or more cars. If you have a garage far away from your bedroom, then you will be comfortable even with a chain-drive. Belt-drive is fairly quiet.
  • Consider the maintenance.
    For example, screw-drive doors are quiet, however, they require constant maintenance and lubrication.
  • Think about the speed.
    If you hate waiting for your door to open, screw-drive doors are faster than others.
  • Remember that price also matters.
    Jackshaft or direct-drive doors are amazing in terms of reliability; however, people buy them rarer, so they are more expensive.
  • Consider durability.
    If you want your door to serve you longer, while making less garage door repairs, it makes sense to spend more on it. For example, if you’re choosing between different horsepower options, 3/4-HP is better than 1/2-HP. It’s important to know the limits too, 1-HP is even better, but they are more of industrial models.
  • Choose comfort.

You also have to choose direct current or alternating current. In this case, direct current also works if the power is out, plus, it allows softer lowering for your door. DC is more expensive but will make your door serve you longer.

It’s fairly easy to choose a right garage door opener when you know what to look for. Always compare your options and don’t be afraid to pay a little bit more. Remember that fixing your door will be more costly.